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Mission & Core Beliefs



To ensure success in learning and life, Lake Valley School students will be INSPIRED.

I   Inspired
N   Nurturing
E   Educated
D   Dedicated


LVES Core Beliefs


We believe, at Lake Valley, that

  1. Strong parental involvement is critical to student success within the  educational community.
  2. Students will demonstrate awareness and respect for individual differences, values and cultural diversity.
  3. We will encourage individual development and critical thinking.
  4. Students will develop good communication skills.
  5. Students will make good choices and be held accountable.
  6. Opportunities exist for student / staff leadership.
  7. Students and staff will become technologically proficient.
  8. Students will become real life problem solvers.
  9. Our school will provide a safe learning environment.
  10. Students will understand the value of education while developing a love for learning.