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Library Policy

Below are our library policies, please go over these with your student(s):


  • Kindergarten students do not check out unless the kindergarten teacher desires them to do so and the book is kept at school in the classroom.
  • First grade checks out only 1 book per week.
  • Grades 2-6 may checkout 2 books at their RC level each week .
  • Two renewals are allowed.


  • Students may not check out new materials until overdue materials are returned.
  • 1st week - Student is given a verbal reminder.
  • 2nd week - A written notice is given.
  • 3rd week - An overdue notice is mailed.
  • 4th week - Phone call to parent/guardian
  • Damaged or lost books must be reimbursed at our cost to replace it. A $5.00 fine for removal of any barcode or tampering of labels. 

Book Care

  • Keep books in a safe place where animals can't chew them or younger siblings can't get to them.
  • Do not write or draw in books, use a BOOKMARK, don't bend pages.
  • Do not repair books at home, we have special book tape here.

Remember, privileges are lost for check out due to non-returned items, fines not paid, and misbehavior in the library.